Today's episode of On Your Screen features a conversation with Professor Francesca Coppa, author of the new book Vidding: A History. We discuss the history of the form, the community of primarily women creators who pioneered vidding, online fan communities, the impact of technologies like the VCR, personal editing software and YouTube had on the form, and much more. Read and learn more about the FREE, open-access book here.
[1:34] - Francesca's background and scholarly interests
[8:45] - What is a vid? 
[13:20] - How do vidders convey the experience of watching? 
[18:30] - How does vidding differ and engage with other critical modes? 
[24:00] - The role various technologies have played in the history of vidding, and in particular the VCR
[34:30] - The work of women creators and the ways vidding interacts with and upends "traditional" film culture
[38:00] - The significance of vidding conventions
[43:29] - What is a dancing vid? 
[47:00] - How Francesca curated vids for the book
[56:00] - Francesca's take on videographic criticism, the influence of vidding, and the role of platforms
[1:09:00] - How vidders engage with remix culture and issues of piracy 
[1:14:00] - Francesca's advocacy for fair use legislation 
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A special thanks to the show's associate producer, Emily Su Bin Ko. 
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