What is it like to study for a videographic PhD? On today's show, Emily and Will are joined by Jemma Saunders and Cormac Donnelly, who are pursuing PhDs at the University of Birmingham and the University of Glasgow, respectively. We talk about what prompted them to pursue videographic PhDs, how their universities evaluate and think about such work, and provide tips for those who may be interested in pursuing a PhD. 
Links to learn more: Jemma's Vimeo and Twitter. Cormac's Vimeo and Twitter. Learn more about the B-Film Creative Practice Colloquium here. Check out Cormac's Deformative Sound Lab.
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Will DiGravio hosted, produced and edited this episode. Emily Su Bin Ko is the show's associate producer. Music by Ketsa: "Live It," "Anvil," and "Refraining."
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