Today's episode is the fourth in an ongoing collaboration between The Video Essay Podcast and "The Video Essay: Memories, Ecologies, Bodies," a three-year research project on video essays led by Kevin B. Lee, Locarno Film Festival Professor for the Future of Cinema at USI University of Lugano, with Johannes Binotto and Evelyn Kreutzer, and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.
In this episode, Kevin talks with project members Libertad Gills, Marine de Dardel, and Silvia Cipelletti about the experience of making video essays on the work of Alice Diop, the featured filmmaker at this year's L'immagine e la parola, the spring edition of the Locarno Film Festival. The event for the group to produce original video essays on Diop's films. In this conversation, the group discusses how they approached the films for their video essays, knowing that they would be screened with Alice Diop in the audience. You can learn more about the project ⁠on their Instagram page⁠.
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