Liz Greene is a scholar, sound professional, and video essayist. On today’s show, she and Will discuss her essay, “Do it for Van Gogh: Detecting and Perverting the Audience Position in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet.” They also discuss Tracy Cox-Stanton’s recently released video essay, “Gesture in A Woman Under the Influence.”
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Next: Episode 13. Scout Tafoya
Scout Tafoya will join us on the next episode of the podcast. Scout is a filmmaker, video essayist, contributor at and elsewhere. Learn more about him here. We will discuss his essay film Beata Virgo Viscera and “Deep Focus: Mike Figgis’ STORMY MONDAY, as reviewed by Roger Ebert,” a video essay edited by Matt Zoller Seitz, narrated by Kim Morgan, and based on a review by, of course, Roger Ebert.
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