Scholar Johannes Binotto joins the show to discuss his video essays on John Ford’s Stagecoach and François Truffaut. He and Will also discuss Hartmut Bitomsky’s 1991 essay film, Das Kino und der Wind und die Photographie (The Cinema and the Wind and Photography).
Preview to Episode 10 – #DoYourHomework
Our next guest will be Charlie Shackleton, the London-based filmmaker, producer and video essayist. Learn more about Charlie via his website and Twitter.
Will and Charlie will discuss his essay “Criticism in the Age of TikTok,” which was published by Sight and Sound in October.
They will also discuss Zia Anger’s performance piece, My First Film. No video of the performance is available online, but the trailer is below and an article published by Sight and Sound can be found here, and more about Zia Anger can be found on her website.
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