Today's episode begins with perhaps the most important news in show history: Emily Su Bin Ko has joined The Video Essay Podcast as associate producer! The show begins with a conversation between Emily and Will and an introduction to Emily and her work. You can learn more about Emily here.
The episode also features a conversation with Jordan Schonig, a lecturer at SUNY Binghamton. Schonig's work is particularly interesting in the ways it bridges divides between academic and popular videographic criticism. In 2020, Schonig founded the YouTube channel, "Film & Media Studies with Jordan Schonig," which features lecture-style videos that sometime dip into the essayistic to explore concepts in Film and Media Studies.
Schonig has also published academic video essays and is the author of the new book from Oxford University Press, The Shape of Motion: Cinema and the Aesthetics of Movement, which features audiovisual criticism in addition to the written text. Videos discussed on the show can be found below.
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0:00 - Introducing Emily Su Bin Ko
18:50 - Jordan Schonig's Origin Story 
21:44 - A Brief Encounter
27:23 - Video Camp & Working With Pretty Images
35:55 - Creating Videographic Criticism as an Early Career Researcher
41:06 - Starting a YouTube Channel
53:56 – "Lev Manovich's 'What is Digital Cinema' and 'Compositing'"
1:02:47 – Deciding Whether to Upload a Work to Vimeo 
1:06:55 – "The 'Wind in the Trees' from Early Cinema to Pixar"
1:21:20 - Zooming in On the Marginal
1:25:40 - "What Isn't a Video Essay?"
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