Today's episode begins with a special request from Will: Let's begin 2021 by passing the microphone to podcast listeners who made videographic exercises! Read more here.
The episode features the audio from "The Journeys of Cary Grant: An Audiovisual Celebration," a partnership between the Cary Comes Home Festival and The Video Essay Podcast. In July 2020, we put out a call for video essays related to the theme of "journeys," not only in terms of geography, place, space and physical travels (both real life and on film), but also in terms of psychological journeys: voyages of identity, self-discovery and self-invention. On November 20, 2020, seven essayists joined Festival Director Charlotte Crofts and Will for a live conversation as part of the Cary Comes Home Festival to discuss the work they made for the celebration: Ian Magor, Anna Marin, Kendahl Cruver, Cormac Donnelly, Roberto Carlos Ortiz, Ian Garwood, and Philip Brubaker.
Read our original call for videos here. The event can also be viewed via the Vimeo video below, which also includes a full screenings. The videos can also be watched via our showcase, below. 
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