Will is joined by his former teachers and mentors, Jason Mittell and Christian Keathley, who are professors at Middlebury College, two of the co-founders of [in]Transition, co-conveners of the Scholarship in Sound & Image Workshop, and leading practitioners and teachers of the scholarly video essay. Their conversation centers on their collaborations, the history and practice of the workshop, aka “video camp,” and features an in-depth discussion of the videographic exercises that listeners have been making in recent weeks. Listeners are assigned their final (for now) videographic assignment: abstract trailers.
Black Lives Matter Video Essay Playlist
Cydnii Harris, Kevin B. Lee, and I have partnered to create a list of videographic work pertaining to the Black Lives Matter Movement, the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, police brutality, protest, and other pertinent topics. Click here to learn more.
Don’t Forget The Pod Now Has a Newsletter!
“Notes on Videographic Criticism” is a weekly newsletter and companion to the podcast. What does this newsletter entail? Short writings on video essays, news, links to newly published videographic work, information on the podcast, short interviews with creators, and more. Have thoughts on what should be in this newsletter? Tips? Videos? Articles? Events? Email me: willdigravio@gmail.com!
Homework: Abstract Trailer (and don’t forget Voiceover!)
Your final assignment is an abstract trailer. Here are the instructions from The Videographic Essay (Grant, Mittell, Keathley; 2019):
This form asked participants to consider features of both the scholarly abstract (subject and critical approach) and the motion picture trailer (style and tone). One key goal of this video, as with a movie preview, was to make others want to see your final project. We asked participants to spend the weekend producing an abstract trailer, lasting no more than two minutes, of their final videographic project.
And don’t forget about voiceover! Click here for the assignment.
Preview to Episode 18. Cydnii Wilde Harris
Our next guest will be Cydnii Wilde Harris! In addition to being one of the co-organizers of the Black Lives Matter Video Essay Playlist, Cydnii is a brilliant video essayist herself. Listeners may remember that Catherine Grant discussed her video essay, "Cotton — The Fabric of Genocide" on the first episode of the show! In addition to her work and the playlist, Cydnii and I will also discuss what it's like to make video essays as students and what it's like to be budding scholars interested in this kind of work. Here's your homework:
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