We are finally back! Today’s episode is the first of our new roundtable series, which will center on topics related to all aspects of video essays. Will is joined today by Michael Leader of BBC’s Inside Cinema, Adam Woodward of Little White Lies, and Joost Broeren of Filmkrant. We discuss what it’s like to edit publications that publish videographic work, tips for freelance video essayists, what video essays bring to a publication, and more! Listeners are also assigned the penultimate videographic exercise homework: voiceover narrations.
Black Lives Matter Video Essay Playlist
Cydnii Harris, Kevin B. Lee, and I have partnered on a list of videographic work pertaining to the Black Lives Matter Movement, the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, police brutality, protest, and other pertinent topics. Click here to learn more.
Don’t Forget The Pod Now Has a Newsletter!
“Notes on Videographic Criticism” is a weekly newsletter and companion to the podcast. What does this newsletter entail? Short writings on video essays, news, links to newly published videographic work, information on the podcast, short interviews with creators, and more. Have thoughts on what should be in this newsletter? Tips? Videos? Articles? Events? Email me: willdigravio@gmail.com!
Homework: Voiceover
Thank you so much to everyone who made multi-screen compositions! They are all collected here, and those uploaded to Vimeo are in the showcase below. If you didn’t get a chance to make one, don’t worry! Email me the link at willdigravio@gmail.com and I will add it to the showcase and webpage. If I missed yours please let me know!
Your next assignment is a voicover narration. Here are the instructions from The Videographic Essay (Grant, Mittell, Keathley; 2019):
“For this assignment, we asked participants to select a continuous video sequence from their media object and record a voiceover to accompany it, with the final video running no more than three minutes. The voiceover should relay an anecdote, tell a joke, read from some piece of writing, or otherwise provide an independent verbal channel of material not overtly related to the chosen media object. The content could be the participant’s own original material or something that others had written/spoken. … The video should be one continuous sequence from the film; duration and/or scale could be manipulated, but it could include no new video edits.“
Preview to Episode 17. Mittell and Keathley
On the next episode of the show, Will will be joined by the duo who first introduced him to video essays, Jason Mittell and Christian Keathley. Their conversation will center on their partnership, and in particular the Scholarship in Sound & Image Workshop. Mittell and Keathley, along with Catherine Grant, are the creators of the videographic exercises that listeners have been creating in recent weeks! They are also the co-authors of the open access webside, The Videographic Essay: Practice and Pedagogy. Here’s your homework:
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