Host Will DiGravio is joined by his fellow co-editors of the 2019 Sight & Sound magazine poll of the best video essays of the year, Grace Lee (What’s So Great About That?) and Ariel Avissar. They discuss what it was like editing the poll, what changed about the poll this year, how they’d like to see the poll evolve in the future, and how they made their own selections. The second half of the show features commentary from nine contributors to this year’s poll: Chloé Galibert-Laîné, Scout Tafoya, Jason Mittell, Philip Brubaker, Andrea Moran (on behalf of FILMADRID), Shannon Strucci, Ian Garwood, Oswald Iten, and Johannes Binotto.
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Bonus: Ariel put together an in-depth statistical analysis of the poll results. Click here to access the data.
Preview: Episode 12. Liz Greene
On the next episode, Will sits down with scholar Liz Greene. Learn more about Liz via her website. They will discuss Liz’s video essay, “Do it for Van Gogh,” which was featured heavily on last year’s Sight and Sound poll, and Tracy Cox-Stanton’s recently released video essay, “Gesture in A Woman Under the Influence.” Watch both essays below.
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