On today's episode, Will talks with filmmaker Kleber Mendonça Filho about his new film, Pictures of Ghosts. Set in the director's home city of Recife, in the Pernambuco state of Brazil, the film is a self-described "multidimensional journey through time, sound, architecture and filmmaking." Kleber talks about the film's origins, the art of voiceover narration, treating his own films as archival images, and the unique ways that cinema is able to tell stories of ghosts. ⁠Learn more about the film and when it might be screening near you, here⁠.
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Will DiGravio hosted, edited and produced this episode. Emily Su Bin Ko is the show's associate producer. ⁠⁠⁠Music by Ketsa⁠⁠⁠: "Live It," "Anvil," and "Refraining."
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