Today's episode centers on Sight & Sound magazine's new list, "⁠The Best Video Essays of 2023.⁠" In a conversation moderated by Kevin B. Lee, the curators of this year's list, Irina Trocan, Queline Meadows, and Will Webb, discuss the results of the poll, their curatorial strategies, and offer general thoughts on the video essay landscape in 2023.
This episode is the first in an ongoing collaboration between The Video Essay Podcast and Kevin B. Lee, who, in his role as the Locarno Film Festival Professor for the Future of Cinema at USI University of Lugano, is leading a three-year research project on video essays with Johannes Binotto and Evelyn Kreutzer, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Read Kevin's columns for Sight & Sound here.
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Will DiGravio hosted and produced this episode. Editing by Kevin B. Lee and Will DiGravio. Emily Su Bin Ko is the show's associate producer. ⁠⁠Music by Ketsa⁠⁠: "Live It," "Anvil," and "Refraining."
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