Chloé Galibert-Laîné, one of the leaders in the video essay genre of “desktop documentary” comes on the show to discuss her film, “Watching The Pain of Others.” Chloé and Will also discuss Ross Sutherland’s 2015 film, Stand By for Tape Back-Up.
Learn more about Chloé via her website.
Preview to Episode 8 – #DoYourHomework
Our next guest will be Johannes Binotto, a lecturer in film theory and film history at the Lucerne School of Design + Art and a post-doctoral researcher in the English Department of the University of Zurich. We will discuss two video essays by Johannes:
Will and Johannes will also discuss Hartmut Bitomsky’s 1991 film, Das Kino und der Wind und die Photographie (The Cinema and the Wind and Photography).
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