In the first true episode of The Video Essay Podcast, host Will DiGravio welcomes Catherine Grant. Katie is professor of Digital Media & Screen Studies at Birkbeck, University of London, the founder of the popular blog Film Studies for FreeAudiovisualcy on Vimeo, the journal [in]Transition (which she also co-edits), and one of the most prolificvideo essay makers today.
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In the show, Katie and Will talk about how Katie first became introduced to video essays, her style preferences when it comes to making video essays, and her latest video essay, “The Haunting of The Headless Woman.” They also discuss a video essay by Cydnii Harris, “Cotton – The Fabric of Genocide.”
For an in-depth guide to the show, featuring links to all video essays, books and articles discussed on Episode 2, click here.
Preview to Episode 3 – #DoYourHomework 
Our next episode will be released on Thursday, August 15th. The guest will be Philip Brubaker, who is one of the best known video essayists working today. He worked for several years at Fandor (RIP), and has made countless video essays about a range of subjects. He is also an experimental and documentary filmmaker. You can learn more about Philip via his website, and by following him on Twitter. In their conversation, Will and Philip will talk about how Philip began making video essays, the rise and fall of Fandor, and why he does not consider himself a critic.
And now, your homework for next week:
First, we ask that you watch Abandoned Movie.
And then Abandoned, the documentary.
If you’d like more information on the homework, listen to Episode 2!!
The video essay that Philip has selected to discuss is “Peripheral Attention” by Victoria Oliver Farner. More information can be found here.
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