Today's episode features a conversation with Amanda Kim, director of the new documentary Nam June Paik: Moon Is the Oldest TV. We discuss Paik's life and work, how Kim approached the project, archival documentary practice, the role of community in Paik's life and in the creation of this film, Paik's shaping of video art and today's internet culture, and more.
Nam June Paik: Moon is the Oldest TV debuts at Film Form in New York City on March 24, 2023. Learn more here. And learn more about the Museum of Modern Art's new exhibition, Signals: How Video Transformed the World, which includes a selection of works streaming online, here. Stream works by Nam June Paik via Internet Archive, here.
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Will DiGravio is the host and producer of The Video Essay Podcast, and the editor of this episode. Emily Su Bin Ko is the show's associate producer.
Music via Free Music Archive: "Won't Be Stoppin" by Ketsa. And Nam June Paik's Global Groove (1973).
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