Adam Tinius, known on YouTube as Entertain the Elk, joins the show to discuss his videographic origin story, life as a full-time video essayist, the self-doubt that comes with YouTubing, his creative process, and much more. He, Will, and Emily also discuss Adam's video, "How Movies Helped Me Process My Mother's Death," and "The Social Network - Ten Years Later" by The Royal Ocean Film Society. 
[02:00] - Adam's origin story and the early days of Entertain the Elk
[24:22] - Entertain the Elk's Ongoing "The Day X Died" / "The Day X Was Born" Series
[34:30] - Finding the space for more experimental videos 
[38:50] - Working with writers to draft scripts 
[47:00] - "How Movies Helped Me Process My Mother's Death" 
[55:00] - "The Social Network - Ten Years Later" 
Will DiGravio is the host and producer of The Video Essay Podcast. Emily Su Bin Ko is the show's associate producer and the editor of this episode. 
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Music via Free Music Archive: "Won't Be Stoppin" and "15 Waiting-Room" by Ketsa.
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