The Show
The Video Essay Podcast features conversations with leading critics, filmmakers, scholars, and other creators about the craft of videographic criticism.  
Video essays have changed (and are still changing) moving image and media studies, leading to new conversations about what constitutes academic scholarship, how criticism should be conducted and distributed in the digital age, among other things. This podcast aims to be a living archive of this change. 
The experimental (and fun!) nature of videographic criticism is one of its most distinguishing qualities. Through discussions about video essay form and style, this podcast hopes to spark and fuel conversations between video essay makers and their audience. 
The Host
Will DiGravio is an audiovisual essayist, critic, journalist and graduate student at the University of Cambridge, pursuing an MPhil in Film & Screen Studies. I am currently a contributor at Film School Rejects (One Perfect Shot) where, among other things, I curate and write about video essays. In 2019, I worked as the teaching assistant at the  Scholarship in Sound & Image Workshop at Middlebury College. Earlier that year I graduated with a degree in Film & Media Culture from Middlebury, where I studied videographic criticism with Jason Mittell and Chris Keathley. I am currently an assistant editor at Screenworks, the peer-reviewed journal of film and media practice research. In 2020, I co-edited Sight & Sound magazine’s annual list of the best video essays of the year. Follow me on Twitter @willdigravio.
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Have suggestions or something you’d like to plug on the show? I’d love to hear from you! Please email me at willdigravio@gmail.comAlso be sure to follow the show on Twitter and Facebook for updates, new shows, video essay news, great videos, and more! 
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