Episode 5. Jacob Swinney

Jacob Swinney comes on the show to discuss his work at Fandor, his popular Twitter account First & Final Frames, how he built a large following on Vimeo, and what it’s like to have Paul Schrader share your work. He and host Will DiGravio also discuss Jake’s essay “First and Final Frames,” and the video essay “The Art of Overanalyzing Movies” by Now You See It.

Preview to Episode 6 – #DoYourHomework

Our next guest will be Adrian Martin, who will represent both himself and Cristina Álvarez López, his partner in his videographic work. We will discuss their essay, “Only Free Gestures,” which is number 26 in their The Thinking Machine series.

Adrian and Will will also discuss “Traspasos,” an essay by Rafael Guilhem.


Check out the latest issues of [in]Transition here.

Learn more about “Repetition and Variation: Video Essays as Comparative Film and Television Studies Methodologies” and RSVP here.

Ariel Avissar from Tel Aviv University and Evelyn Kreutzer of Northwestern University have started a project called, “Once Upon a Screen.” The project centers on the creation of video essays dealing with film scenes that traumatized us as children. Adrian Martin and Cristina Álvarez López have also made a pieces. Anyone interested in creating an essay can email Ariel at arielavissar24@gmail.com.

Watch them all below:

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