Episode 1. Pilot

Welcome to the first episode of The Video Essay Podcast! In the pilot, host Will DiGravio (me) introduces the podcast, myself, and the show’s first guest: Catherine Grant. Katie will be interviewed in the first true episode, which will be released on Thursday, August 1. To learn more about this podcast and me, please visit the tabs above.

Please subscribe on iTunes and Spotify. Please also follow us on Twitter @videoessaypod and Facebook.)

An integral part of the podcast is homework that will be assigned to you, the listener, before each new episode. During the show, the guest and I will have an in depth conversation about two video essays. The first video essay will be one made by the interviewee, the other will be one selected by the interviewee, but created by someone else. In order to get the most out of our conversation, it is essential that you watch them beforehand! Thus, you are strongly encouraged to visit this website before each show to watch the essays we will talk about, and after each show to find a) any other video essays that we talked about during the course of our conversation and b) view the videos for next week’s show. Here is the homework for Episode 2:

The Haunting of The Headless Woman by Catherine Grant

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